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We pride ourselves on supplying the finished product to our customers so the day you take delivery is the same day you start work with it. Listed below are a some of the extras we can provide, we can also fit Reverse Cameras, Tool Boxes, LED Beacons and many more options.

Two Way Swing Tail Gate
For easy loading/unloading of machines or tipping of large items etc.
Certified Load Anchorage Hooks
Certified Load Anchorage Tiger Hooks
Certified Towbar
Can certified from 2500kg to 3500 depending on application, options for Pintle Hooks Available
Automatic Tipper Body Lock
Compulsory for certification of Load Anchorage Systems on Tip Trucks
Tip Truck Modifications
High Sides or other Modifications built to suit your requirement.
Curtain Sider Modification
New Curtain Sider Body built to your specs or alternatively Half Curtain Side Japanese Box Conversions Available
Stone Guards and Sunvisors
Tool Boxes
We can fit either off the shelf size Tool Boxes (As Per Pic) or Custom Tool Boxes built to your requirements


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